Simply Easier Payments Offers API’s With Turnkey and Customized Integration Options

North Carolina company works with insurance industry on creating payment systems

Simply Easier Payments works with insurance providers and others in the industry to integrate APIs directly with their websites to provide seamless online payment solutions.

The North Carolina-based online payment system works alongside insurance agencies and other industry professionals to offer a no-cost online payment solution for processing customer payments through credit card and ACH. Integrating with Simply Easier’s APIs offers the ability to seamlessly streamline their payments directly through their website or by using the Simply Eaiser’s hosted payment page.

“Whether you want a turnkey solution for online payments or need custom API integration, we have your solution,” said Simply Easier Payments founder Duke Williams. “Our team can help create a payment system that fits the needs of an agency’s workflow, no matter how big or small.”

Among other things, Simply Easier’s online payment platform also allows for integration with backend management software, providing agencies with solutions that fit their workflows and give their representatives a seamless experience.

Simply Easier’s API integration allows you to easily manage billing and invoicing functions including a secure URL where your staff can issue invoices with data pass from your CRM or AMS application.

In addition to an on-staff, cutting-edge development team, Simply Easier Payments has the industry experience to help tackle specific issues faced by the insurance industry when it comes to state laws about billing and policy cancellations, as well as compliance.

“Our software is designed to meet the needs of today’s insurance industry right out of the box,” added Williams. “But when you need to go further, we can meet you there to customize and integrate our APIs to provide the solutions agencies need.”

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