Essential Invoicing

​Simply Easier Payments offers the most cost-effective way to send payable invoices to your insureds.

​Manage Your Invoices Directly in a ​Robust Dashboard

All sent invoices are recorded and searchable in our invoicing dashboard.  You can also receive daily summary reports and payment or decline notifications in real-time. In addition to real-time status, the dashboard includes the ability to:

  • Schedule Future Payments
  • View or Change Total Amount Due
  • Update Expiration Dates
  • Create a Payment Link or Button
  • Send Invoice Reminders
  • Void the Invoice
  • Delete Invoice
Example insurance Invoicing mockup in Simply Easier Payments software
iPhone Mockup for Insurance Invoice through Simply Easier Payments

Create and Send Invoices by Email or Text

Give your insureds quick access to make payments by sending the invoices by email, or by text or “Pay Now” links. Payments become as simple as a click of a button.​ It also allows you to add an expiration date, as well as either a require fixed payment amount or offer a payment range, so you don’t end up taking late or partial payments.

Custom Branded Invoicing

Attach your own PDF template for prefilled templates with your branding.

​Set Invoice Details & Notifications Including Date and Amount Due

You have the option to set the amount that needs to be paid and the date the invoice must be paid by. If the insured tries to pay after the set date the system will not allow them to pay, and you will receive a “payment on expired invoice” notification.​

​Customized notifications can also be setup to alert individuals, groups and/or producers when one of their invoices has been paid.

Efficient. Flexible. Integrated.

When it comes to sending invoices to your insureds, Simply Easier Payments has you covered. We have the tools you need to get paid fast, while offering your insureds and your staff the convenience and ease of use they expect. Here are more features to increase your productivity.

Bulk Invoicing

Our bulk invoicing feature allows you to include pre-filled payment links in invoices, or it can be set to automatically draft from the insured’s stored payment information through our recurring billing function. 

Exporting Invoicing Data

All of the information contained in the dashboard can be searched and exported to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for your convenience.

Invoice Reminders

Speed up your receivables by customizing and scheduling invoice reminders for your insureds. Start sending reminders the very next day, or use the reminders as past-due notifications.

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