Simply Easier Payments Releases Intelligent Invoicing, an Enhanced Solution for Agency Invoicing and Billing

Simply Easier Payments has announced its release of an innovative insurance invoicing and billing solution. Called Intelligent Invoicing, this integrated solution takes insurance payments to a new level of convenience by combining industry-leading agency billing and premium finance.

Intelligent Invoicing combines a suite of digital tools that delivers a new level of efficiency in agency billing. This new solution enables insurance agents, brokers and premium financing providers to give policyholders the option of paying now or using payment plans through a single invoice. Traditionally, agency billing and premium finance contracts have been presented separately, with multiple steps in each process. Intelligent Invoicing marks a new way to combine those into a single step, while leveraging the advantages of enhanced invoicing and billing features, such as electronic signatures, expanded agency management system integrations, and more.

“With Intelligent Invoicing, agency billing and premium financing can now be a single-step process without sacrificing other capabilities, that eliminates tedious and repetitive tasks for insurance professionals,” said Duke Williams, CEO and Founder of Simply Easier Payments.

Calvin Churchill, VP of Product Management, of Simply Easier Payments, added: “Intelligent Invoicing delivers significant time savings to agencies because it requires little or no additional data entry. Once a finance contract is signed and the payment is made, Intelligent Invoicing can route all receipts and paperwork automatically, with no other manual intervention by the agency.”

An additional benefit of Intelligent Invoicing is an enhanced customer experience. Among its features are the ability to invoice customers automatically, import open invoices from an agency management system, and provide automated reminders.

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