Intelligent Invoicing

Innovation streamlines and integrates premium finance with a suite of agency tools.

Premium Financing, Expanded AMS Integrations, and More!

​Built on Simply Easier’s robust invoicing platform, Intelligent Invoicing introduces new integration capabilities that enable insurance agencies to achieve a new level of billing automation.
  • Time Savings for Agencies
  • Convenience for the Insureds
  • Directly Integrated with the Invoicing Process
  • Real-time Quote in all 50 States 
  • Seamless Brand Experience across Touchpoints
mockup of premium finance agreement with blue signature
Quote/Invoice mockup using Simply Easier Pyaments
Add Policy example for Simply Easier Payments

Efficient. Flexible. Integrated.

Through Intelligent Invoicing, agencies save time, improve the customer experience, consolidate the process, and speed up cash flow.

Options that fit the way you do business.

The new integration lets agencies deliver the convenience of payment plan options to policy owners by giving agencies the option to include a premium finance quote in invoices so the policy owner can choose the option right for them.

Automation that creates efficiencies.

​Prefill or fully automate the creation of invoices, PFAs, and other forms with the new integrated capabilities. Agencies can avoid the extra time of switching between multiple systems.

Access to the
entire platform.

This integration also gives agencies additional access to all Simply Easier’s tools and features including intelligent invoicing, recurring billing, notifications and reports all in a single solution.

Access a platform that seamlessly connects to your technology ecosystem.

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