Pay and Sign

Collect a signature using your existing e-signature vendor as part of the payment process.

Now You can Collect a Signature when Your Customer Pays.

man on computer initiating an e-signature online

After payment, the customer will be prompted to click a link to sign documents. That link will send your customer to your e-sign platform to complete the signature process.

Conversely, you can connect to Simply Easier Payments after customers sign documents in your eSign platform. Most eSign providers have the capability to reroute your customers to a payment link after they sign.

Simply Easier Payments provides a standard payment link, prefilled invoice links, links integrated with your backoffice system, and links that allow customers to search and pull up their Simply Easier invoices, which you can send to your customers after they sign documents.

For example onboarding new clients is a complex process with lots of forms and disclosures, our tools allow you to control how setting up or making payments is included in this process.

Save money, save time and rest easy knowing you're getting the best in compliance, security and value for you and your clients.

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