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All the features and tools you need
​Ability to accept payments directly from your website
​Options for NO monthly fees, NO transaction fees, NO setup fees
Ability to accept ALL CARD TYPES regardless of amount
Payment deposits are quickly processed into your account within 1-2 business days
Extensive integrated API capabilities to customize your experience
Customizable branded payment pages for a seamless experience
Robust invoicing tools including email, text and automated invoice reminders
Automated recurring billing and bill reminders
Real-time reporting for daily transactions and deposits customized to your specifications
​PCI DSS level 1 security validation
Compliant in all 50 states
Email and text notifications
Ability to void payments including fees
NO-cost continued support

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2023 Catalyit Survey

Top-Rated Major Payments Provider by Agencies

Decades of experience in the insurance industry have provided Simply Easier Payments with a deep understanding of what insurance organizations require to optimize the efficiency of their internal and customer-facing operations.

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Simply Easier Payments

Premium Financing.

Integrated Premium Financing combines a suite of digital tools that delivers an enhanced level of efficiency in agency billing. This solution enables insurance agents, brokers and premium financing providers to give policyholders the option of paying now or using payment plans through a single invoice. Learn more >

Scheduled & Recurring Payments.

Our auto-draft program allows you, or your customers, to create a recurring billing schedule. You can view all current and prior billing schedules, and edit existing billing schedules as needed. You also receive reports for any attempted recurring payments. Learn more >

Embedded Payments.

Save payment information and/or make payments via a secure embed that can be seamlessly deployed into your pages.  Data is passed securely through our payment APIs so your system never takes possession of card or ACH data. ​ Learn more >

Essential Invoicing.

When it comes to sending invoices to your insureds, Simply Easier Payments has you covered. We have the tools you need to get paid fast, while offering your insureds and your staff the convenience and ease of use they expect. Learn more >

Pay and Sign.

Simply Easier Payments provides a link that allows the customer to pay by entering the policy information themselves, one that connects to a Simply Easier generated invoice, or one that is integrated directly with your management system.​ Onboarding new clients is a complex process with lots of forms and disclosures. Our tools allow you to control how setting up or making payments is included in this process.  ​​​Learn more >

AMS Integration.

Our customers work within a diverse playing field of systems and software. We work hard to develop lasting partnerships to bring the best solutions forward. ​Learn More >

Seamless Branded Experience.

Give your clients a seamless experience completely inside your brand through touch-points including the payment page, invoices and receipts. Logos, colors, fonts, and more can be set with rules specific to locations and lines of business.

Reporting & Business Intelligence.

Real-time reporting through our interface and APIs is seamlessly configured using our No Code options. Let our implementation team customize data transformations to deliver clean and useful analytics into your reporting warehouse and BI ecosystem.

Payment Lookup.

Our Payment Look-Up feature is a real-time query of all receivables that gives your insureds the ability to quickly find what they owe without the need to create an account or join a portal. They just simply type in search criteria to find out what they owe and make a payment. They can even make payments on multiple invoices and take credits.

Automated Workflows.

Leverage the vast list of integrated options to automate tasks before and after a payment is made or an invoice is sent.  Attach documents and customize templates for automated messaging to save your team time on every billing.

Customer Portals.

From checking their account status, viewing the amount due, managing their recurring billing schedule, reviewing receipts, and accessing invoices, the portal saves your customers time by prefilling their information, auto-populating all open invoices and enabling them to select the invoices to pay.

The Convenience of Mobile.

Your insureds can make a payment from their mobile devices using our mobile-optimized payment portal. The portal will be displayed in an easy-to-view and use format that is designed to work on each mobile device. You can also include a link to the payment portal in your company’s mobile app.

On-Call Developers

We want to be a partner you can count on. You will have access to our dedicated in-house development team, who will work with you to maximize the full capabilities and potential of your system. 

Continued Support.

We offer our continued support on an ongoing basis to help develop additional solutions where needed. We want to be a partner you can count on. You will have access to our dedicated in-house development team, who will work with you to maximize the full capabilities and potential of your system.

Let our expert team create a powerful no-code configuration to meet the specific needs of your business.

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